Nordisk Match og ECTO 2018 i Silkeborg

General information
Contact Vibeke Vogelius:


Event centre is at Hotel Scandic Silkeborg. The social dinner at Saturday will take place here. By using the event code SIL190918 you will get a reduced price for accommodation at Hotel Scandic Silkeborg.You can also find accomodation via Visit Silkeborg


The terrain Around Silkeborg is rich in forest and lakes. We have hilly moraine landscapes and areas with small inland dunes. There is a close network of good forest roads and paths everywhere.


It’s PreO both Saturday and Sunday.
The venue is Hårup Sande on Saturday.
Sunday we use Silkeborg Nordskov from the area called ’De Små Fisk’. (The small fishes)
Personal assistance


If you need help on the course, we expect you to bring your own escort. The route follows good forest roads/paths.
Distances from Silkeborg Airports: Midtjyllands Airport, Karup 37 km, Billund Airport 67 km, Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup 300 km
Ferry Sweden: Frederikshavn 194 km, Grenå 100 km
E45 Padborg boarder 174 km (Germany)